Sunrise Pharma is up to set more units. A decade’s worth of planning and vision is what Sunrise have so as to serve the Indian Market. Being successful in Kerala, Sunrise is equipped with happy employees, happy customers, and partnerships with renowned manufacturers. Sunrise is setting the next level business in various parts of the country, Southern and Northern Kerala being the first expansion zones. With local support and strategic partnerships with the best pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, Sunrise is growing in no matter of time. Regarding the expansion, the CEO of Sunrise implied:

“After successful operation in central Kerala for a decade, Sunrise pharma is expanding into Southern and northern Kerala with ambitious plans. Also, after resounding success of Sunrise pharma medicines locally, we aim to expand our reach to international markets too.”

As a brand delivering supreme quality medicines at an affordable price, Sunrise made an impact in the local audience. By entering deeper into the State with more units, Sunrise is all set to reach out to patients all over the country.


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