Amino acids are reaching out recently, being in the big pharmaceutical business as the usages are highly influential. The advantages are working in a broader perspective as it is useful in building muscles, bones, cartilages, skin, connective tissues, and hair. Though there is a type difference in amino acids, Collagen is the most abundant one. Skin and Connective tissues are contributed by the effective availability of collagen, but with age the amount reduces. Collagen production is adequate in the period of growth, but as time passes, it retards. This causes weakening of muscles, joints and skin. To balance this, intake of collagen supplement could be done. And as a result, collagen supplements are getting high market value in pharmaceutical business.

Collagen is available in different forms. Pills and powders are the most common ones in market. Now if you ask how these are made, the answer is “from animals, of course!” Cows reasonably, from its skin or bones and through the scales of fishes. The composition is different when you find it in market as there can be peptides or amino acids. There is evidence that the intake of collagen can aid in digestion. This is due to the presence of the component, glycine in amino acids. The key point is to strengthen the power of muscles, regularising joints without pain and to improve skin.

Though the buying element is fine, there is a need to evaluate the components before intake. When choosing collagen, it is best to select one with simple ingredients. Also it is better to avoid flavoured versions as it contains added sugars. A plain version is much more effective and it does not add calories. Since it is a dietary supplement, a third party certification can add the trust element. After all, credibility is more important when buying a dietary supplement.


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